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Registration Management

There are a myriad of registration software options available in today's event planning marketplace.  Finding the one that meets your event needs can be a tedious process.  Because we have worked with a number of platforms, we are able to help steer you towards one that address your most important data collection and results driven initiatives.  


No two events are a like, and neither are the attendees.  From simplified to complex, we steer your registration needs by targeting the key objectives below that have been proven to help identify the best platform.  We have our own inhouse platform that we provide to our clients complimentary (based on the overall program we are servicing) or fee based if only providing a registration platform for your event.  Sometimes our clients need something a little different and we love providing our key vendors as alternative platforms.


SHOWCASE YOUR IMAGE.  Consistent branding, attractive formatting, and appropriate for your audience.


HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION THAT CONVERTS.  Usability on where to register, ease of registration process, pricing is easy to understand and the information is easy to find.


CONVEY ENTHUSIASM FOR YOUR EVENT. Is the content of the registration form helping to market your event?  Is it organized and easy to navigate?


PROVIDE A SENSE OF SECURITY.  Is there a privacy policy and is the form hosted on a secure server.


EASE OF USE.  Set up the form so that the user doesn't have to decipher how to enter their information and to prevent the user from having to call to figure out what they are doing wrong.  


COLLECT DATA THAT IS USEFUL TO YOUR REPORTING.  Is the format of the data you need to collect going to provide you with what you need for reliable reporting.

Registration Site Examples

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Preferred Registration Vendors

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